Disciple Now 2018 :: Oct. 5-7

Tue 14 Aug - Mon 24 Sep 2018

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October 5-7, 2018

$50 from now until September 14, after it goes up to $75.

Disciple Now is our annual in-town Fall Retreat! Will Snipes will be joining us as our speaker, as we talk about the battle over our hearts. Sam Price will be leading our Disciple Now Band. And a FBCA family will be hosting your small group as we worship together, do a mission project together, and study the Bible together. We will start at 6pm in The Garage for dinner, and we will end at Noon on Sunday.

We know that the Fall is a busy time with school activities, so if your youth must come and go due extra-curricular activities, please fill out a time way card.

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